Friday, August 19, 2011

Ice Dreams Book Cover

This is the second title in the teen romance series, Sweet Hearts. Check out the cover I did for the first book Forget Me Not This second book is about figure skating, very fun. 

first concept with the boy

final look, removed the boy because the book is more than just romance, 
it also teaches family value, friendship and dreams!

SWEET HEARTS Ice Dreams by Jo Cotterill
c/o Lemonade Illustration Agency


  1. i love it, without the boy is a good idea to, it makes it feel more like it is just about the girl, I also like the border for the book cover. Did you happen to make it yourself?

  2. Thanks, Clair! I only created the center art. The title layout and the heart shaped borders are done by the publishing house. The whole series will have the same layout and borders.